Whoever reads, and hears, and keeps the words of this prophecy are blessed.

It is a mistake to view the book as a revelation (apocalypse) “by” or “from Jesus” and not “of Jesus.”  The NIV and NLT poorly translate it as from Jesus Christ. The book is a revelation of Jesus–Grammatically, Jesus is being revealed and is communicated by an Angel to John.

Seven is the number of perfection.

Are the Angels of the seven churches the Pastors?
Are these letters to the Seven Churches futuristic?
Are they seven Jewish assemblies in the Tribulation and not historical or present-day churches?

Here are some principles of Interpretation in Revelation:

  •  The only sure interpretation is the one given by the text itself, or in an exact use of the term in other Scriptures.
  • Meanings drawn from implication may or may not be true, and must be treated as conjecture.
  • If a meaning seems to be correct but is not clearly defined, then ask.
    – Is there a need to determine meaning?
    – Is the conjectured meaning correct the first time the word or phrase appears in Scripture?
    – Is the conjectured meaning ever contradicted in Scripture?


Read Revelation 1:1 – 5:14


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