We are sanctified. Praise the Lord! Realizing this allows us to live our lives free from legalism.  Legalism kills the spirit.  Just look what Paul says about our sancification:

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus…”

Sanctification, like justification is imputed to us the moment we believe.  If we are in Christ we are sanctified. That is our position and that is how God sees us.  Can the sanctified be carnal? Yes, if we walk after the flesh, and not after the Spirit. Yet, like our justification, when we sin, our sanctification stays intact.

Therefore, live your sanctified life and don’t get stuck in legalism.

In chapters 9 -11 we will discover that the Gospel does not set aside or change God’s covenants with Israel.  God always keeps His promises.

It is a deep and relatively long passage today…but you can do it!

Read Romans 8:1 – 11:36

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