From Indian Wells, California.

The apostle Paul moves from city to city, reasoning with the Jews and Gentiles, making his way to Jerusalem. Keep in mind the transtion that is taking place between the dispensation of the law  and the new dispensation of grace.

Paul, as an apostle is able to perform kingdom works and miracles. Many are healed simply by touching a handkercheif or apron which Paul had touched. Later in Paul’s ministry, toward the end of his life, he is no longer able to heal (see 2 Timothy 4:20) as the dispensation of grace takes hold.

As people turn to Jesus Christ, Paul is accused of destroying their economy of making little gods and idols. It is doubtful Paul told the new Christians to boycott the idol makers, he simply told them the truth “they be no gods, which are made with hands.” The new believer simply turned to the true God.

Paul would most likely have been seriously injured or killed as the crowd assembled in an uproar to protest. But fellow disciples would not permit him.  What a blessing to surround ourselves with Godly people.

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