Paul was constantly on the move because of the Judaizers following, stirring up trouble.  He was able to stay a step ahead of them.

Sailing away to Athens, waiting for his team (Silas and Timotheus) to catch up, Paul found the synagogue first, as was his practice, and disputed (literally debated) with the Jews.  He did the same with the Greek philosopers on a rocky high place called Mars Hill, Hill of Ares, or the Areopagus.  Paul never stood still. He reasoned and persuaded day-after-day;  Always desiring men to seek the Lord.

Departing for Corinth, Paul plied his trade as a tentmaker in order to have money to live. He work six days a week, and on the Sabbath, reasoned and persuaded in the Synagogue. When Silas and Timotheous finally arrived, they brought funds so Paul could devote himself fulltime to the work of teaching the word of the cross.  He did that for eighteen months.

Paul stayed in Corinth a good while and sailed to Syria.  The church in Corinth was firmly established.

Read Acts 17:1 – 18:18

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