Persecution follows those who choose to follow Christ.

As the number of believers increase, so do the persecutions.  For those who think following Jesus solves all earthly problems, one only needs to read Acts 4 and following. Satan puts on a full frontal attack, especially with new believers.

Notice the apostolic kingdom miracles are continuing.  Remember, this is a transition from the dispensation of Law to Grace. They are still under Law, as evidenced by compulsory tithes and offering.  Under the dispensation of grace, people do not drop dead (thankfully) when they tempt the Spirit of the Lord by holding back their offerings.

The solution of the council to the threat of the apostles’ teaching? Let’s just beat them and teach them a lesson.  Christians are beaten and killed in many countries today. Persecution will intensify even in our country.  We need to be bold, like the apostles.

With the Christians increasing, the apostles needed help in the day-to-day operation of caring for the new converts, including the Grecian widows.  Many believe these were the first deacons.

Read Acts 4:1 – 6:15

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