Writing today from Lakeview, OR

Jesus sends out the disciples (70 others) to proclaim the Kingdom of God has come near. They get a glimpse of kingdom life, that is, there will be no sickness, evil will be held in abeyance, no insect or reptile will be feared, and nothing will cause any harm.  When the disciples returned, they were filled with joy!

There are several things to  notice about the “Disciples Prayer” (aka, Lord’s Prayer).  It is about the Kingdom of God. Three things are about the kingdom and three things are for disciples to do while they waited for the kingdom.  First, God’s name will be hallowed.  Second, the Kingdom will come. Third, God’s will will be done on earth and in heaven.  Since the Kingdom had not fully arrived, how are the disciples to live (and how are we to live for that matter?).  First, we are to trust in the Lord and be enriched daily by His word.  Second, we are to be forgiving to those around us.  Third, pray for our fellowship with God to contiually be restored and not give in to evil.

One of the primary reasons the Kingdom had not come fully into the world is that the leaders accused Jesus of being demon possessed.  Jesus pronounced “Woe” on the Pharisees, scribes, and lawyers for their fake religion and unbelief.

At the Feast of Dedication (Feast of Lights, or Hanukkah) Jesus makes the profound declaration “I and my Father are one.”  For this statement of equality with God, the Jews (most likely the religious leaders) wanted to kill him.

Luke 10:1 – 11:54; John 10:22-42


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