Whenever the LORD’s work begins to show promise, adversaries come out of the woodwork. Satan does not want the plan of the LORD to proceed.  He does not want the Gospel to be proclaimed. It is discouraging when opposition comes, but there is hope in the LORD.

With the temple reconstruction underway, the haters come out. They send a letter to king of Persia, filled with lies and slander. The result is a work stoppage. But thank God for bold believers–Those who never give up. After listening to the prophets, Zerubbabel and Jeshua begin to build again, no matter the opposition.

They trusted in the God of Israel, and He was with them.  The result?  King Darius issued a decree for the work to continue. Anyone trying to stop them would be hanged from a beam taken from their own house!

When we seek the LORD (6:22), His hand will be upon us.

Read Ezra 4:1 – 6:22 and Psalm 137


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