A second dream comes to Nebuchadnezzar and he asks Daniel to interpret it.  This time it is personally related to the king.  A time of dread is about to come upon the king, all he must do to avert it is to live “righteously and humble himself.”  For someone in power that may be easier said than done.

The king spoke saying, “Is this not great Babylon, that I have built…by my mighty power and….my majesty?

Because of his pride and lack of acknowledgement of the One True God, he has to live like an animal for seven years. His kingdom and sanity are restored when he acknowledges God.

When we confess our sins, our fellowship with the Lord is restored.

Years pass and a new king comes to power. He too has a dream, and Daniel, now older, interprets it. This dream relates to the fall of the Babylonians to the Persians.

Anti-semitism is not new. In chapter six a plot is hatched to put Daniel (a Jew) to death. With the Medo-Persian nation now ruling, like his friends decades before him, Daniel will not bow to a false god.  He prays instead, three times a day. Yet, a decree has been issued and Daniel has broken the law. The punishment? Thrown into a den of lions.

Darius the Mede has become a friend of Daniel’s. He is heartbroken that this old man (Daniel was probably in his 80’s), must be cast into the lion’s den. When morning comes and Darius discovers his friend alive, he recognizes the power of the living God.

So this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian (See Ezra 1:2).

Read Daniel 4:1 – 6:28

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