The reason for the Jews being scattered among all the nations, even to this day is due to punishment from God. They have been thrown “in the midst of the furnace” of God’s fiery wrath (Ezekiel 22:18). God heaps on them the full penalty of their sin.  What is their sin?

Samaria and Jerusalem are depicted as two sisters who have become prostitutes. These two sisters, and two cities, represented the people of those two kingdoms. The judgment of the first sister Oholah (Samaria should have been a warning to the younger sister Oholibah (Jerusalem). Unfortunately she failed to heed the warning. In fact, she was more depraved than her sister.

All of this should remind us of what the latter days will be like (2 Timothy 3:1-7).

Read Ezekiel 22:1 – 23:49


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