One cannot help but think of the despicable trend of late term abortion that has swept across the United States.  Even the horrific definition of “live birth” by the state of New York,

 the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception.

This grave sin is not new.

Ezekiel presents an extended allegory depicting Israel as God’s unfaithful wife. As the story opens, Israel is seen as a helpless and unloved baby girl who has been dumped into a field and left to die. But God comes to the rescue, cleanses her, clothes her, and raises her. When she is of age, He marries her and treats her as royalty, dressing her in the finest apparel and lavishing her with gifts.

But the wife becomes a whore. She commits spiritual adultry with the gods of other nations. She can never find enough new lovers and even after adding Babylon to her conquests she is not satisfied. She was the opposite of all the other protitutes in that she never took payment, she paid to be a whore.

And yet, in spite of all her sin…there is grace.  A loving and faithful God will one day (at the end of the Seven-Year-Tribulation) reaffirm His covenant of grace with Israel.

Beloved, we too can experience grace. When we sin and commit spiritual adultery against our Lord, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous (1 John 2:1).  Grace is God’s undeserved favor toward us.  Even the unspeakable sin of a state, like New York and the people who promote it, can be forgiven if they will only believe in Jesus, and then confess their sin.

Read Ezekiel 16:1 – 17:24

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